09.00-09.30 Pre-Event Virtual Networking / VISIT EXPO
09.30-09.45 Welcoming Remarks

Moderator: Panagiotis Marketos, Business Editor



09.45:10.15 How to Develop a Proactive Sourcing Mindset for 2021

Vanessa Raath, Head Cheerleader, The Talent Hunter

10.15-10.45 Bandmates Wanted: A Little Fun Goes a Long Way

Angie Verros, CEO & Founder, Vaia Talent

10.45-11.15 Recruitment & Retention: a 360’ process, that is constantly involving and revolving

Neil Shorthouse FGPI, FIH, Founder & Chief Executive, Shorthouse Hospitality

11:15-11:25 Versant: Your tool for testing language skills

Effie Stathopoulou, Senior Sales Consultant, PQI, Global Schools, HE, ELT & Assessment, Pearson Mediterranean

11.25-11.55 The Power in YOU: A Recruiter’s Secret Sauce – Find it. Own it. Use it. And raise your numbers

Inbal Horesh, Founder και CEO, Gifthead – Global boutique talent-recruitment solutions agency

Nofar Shoshani, Founder, Executive & Global Sourcer, Finder HR

11.55-12.25 Virtual Networking / VISIT EXPO



12:25-12:55 How to apply Videos effectively in an Active Sourcing context

Julien Frank, Recruiter, Active Sourcer, Community Builder, CO-founder Munich Talent Brewery, Sourcing Summit Speaker

12:55-13:05 Psychometric Tools, Listening for clues

Dimitris Rinas, Senior Consultant Response, HR Psychometric Toοls Expert

13.05-13.35 Social Recruiting Trends in 2021

Rohan Dickinson, Partnerships Manager, Adway

13.35-14.05 The Power of Community: Rising Up From the Ashes.

Dov Zavadskis, Talent Sourcer, Speaker, Co-Host of the Sourcing Challenge Show

14.05-15.00 Virtual Networking / VISIT EXPO



15:00-15:30 2021: The rise of the Employee Connection Proposition (ECP)

Glenn Martin, Talent Acquisition Project Manager, Podcast Host of NMTJS and Co-Host of #WorkingLunch

15:30-16.00 Why building and nurturing your talent pipelines has become a necessity

Kim Lokenberg, Sourcing & Talent Acquisition Specialist, The Lokenbergs

16.00-16.30 The Future of Recruiting: Artificial Intelligence Unplugged

Mike “Batman” Cohen, Founder / Sourcer, Wayne Technologies

16.30-17.00 Win with Who

Dee Ann Turner, CEO, Dee Ann Turner & Associates,Two-time Best Selling Author

17.00 Closing Remarks


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